{September 1, 2011}   The “TWEET” Experience


As told, I followed five different public figures on twitter. Of course there was some who tweeted relatable and funny experiences and others who tweets were tedious and all for promotion. I must say the most interesting person I followed on twitter was NFL player, Chad Ochocinco simply because he had a great sense of humor. He tweeted daily about weird, funny and serious moments in life we all have. For instance when he tweeted about feeling tricked after eating food out at a restaurant he felt so full and two hours later he was “starving”. I’m quite sure if not all than most of us have experienced that.

Sometimes in college you get caught up in the workload and just need a good laugh, thats what Chad Ochocinco gave me. I feel through chad tweets, I got a little glimpse of the type of person he is. As I mentioned he is funny but he is also just a real, down to earth, loving man. What I ultimately loved the most about Chad Ochocinco was his public display of affection for his fiance Evelyn Lozada. I must say I was kind of shocked at the fact he retweeted a lot of his fans. Overall it was a TWEET experience to follow Chad.

Ironically, the person who tweets I least liked was Evelyn Lozada (the fiance of Chad Ochocinco). Evelyn tweeted daily and randomly just like her fiance but there was a difference. Can you tell? Heres an example of her tweet “Omg I’m at the airport” or a different tweet will be of her saying “I’m addicted to the show hoarders.” I dont know why but I expected better tweets from Evelyn.

Who exactly did I follow? President Barack Obama, Chad Ochocinco, Evelyn Lozada, Mayor of Newark New Jersey, Cory Booker, and New Jersey Governor Chris Christie. As you can see I followed many politicians because I myself am interested in politics. It is extremely important for me to know what is being done to better my generation’s future and I felt twitter would be one way to inform me. To my suprise there weren’t much tweets made from politicians that were directed to our youth, and for me that was quite disappointing.


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